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    Making Your room in your dorm!

    Kunoru, The Crimson God
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    Making Your room in your dorm! Empty Making Your room in your dorm!

    Post by Kunoru, The Crimson God on Mon Mar 18, 2013 9:05 am

    Congratulations members of TDDA for passing through your dueling dorm test!

    Note that of course, after you complete a dorm test, you will Have a different color named specific to the dorm you have succeeded in getting into.


    We're Only Chat active, most of the forum feels pretty empty. SO The favor I ask of every passing members. Is to post a room in their specific dorm.

    Its not that complicated. just left click over the dorm you are in. Which is way down below the chat box. And then add new post Smile

    This is a beneficial way for you to contact eachother when the other is away!!

    Thank you for reading!


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