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    Dragon Scale handout system!

    Kunoru, The Crimson God
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    Dragon Scale handout system! Empty Dragon Scale handout system!

    Post by Kunoru, The Crimson God on Thu Mar 28, 2013 3:22 pm

    This will be the Dragon scale handout towards all duels posted in the dueling arena.

    ----Dragon Knight----
    Dragon knight vs. Staff = 70DS
    Dragon Knight vs. Dragon = 50DS
    Dragon Knight vs. Shining = 35DS
    Dragon Knight vs. Feather = 25DS
    Dragon Knight vs. Skylight = 15DS

    ----Shining Blazer----
    Shining vs. Staff = 80DS
    Shining vs. Dragon = 60DS
    Shining vs. Shining = 40DS
    Shining vs. Feather = 30DS
    Shining vs. Skylight = 20DS

    ----Black Feather----
    Feather vs. Staff = 100DS
    Feather vs. Dragon = 80DS
    Feather vs. Shining = 60DS
    Feather vs. Feather = 45DS
    Feather vs. Skylight = 30DS

    Skylight vs. Staff = 150DS
    Skylight vs. Dragon Knight = 100DS
    Skylight vs. Shining Blazer = 80DS
    Skylight vs. Black Feather = 60DS
    skylight vs. Skylight = 40DS

    Good Luck and Have fun!

    Dragon Scale handout system! Kunoru-1-1
    Dragon Scale handout system! Kunoru_zpsc38b516a

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