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    kassadin ziggs test results

    Princess DNJessy
    Princess DNJessy
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    kassadin ziggs test results

    Post by Princess DNJessy on Thu Apr 11, 2013 6:08 pm

    Please refrain the use of these specific decks during a test.
    Exodia, Countdown,OTK, Stall, Burn, empty jar.

    No meta decks will be used by bother the testee or the tester.

    Please, make sure you are ready to take the test before contacting any of our testing staffs or administrators.
    There will be no retesting for the next 48 hours.
    Testing scores;
    Wins: 6 points. 3 per win. 6/6
    Deck Construction: 10/10
    For the best result, make sure your deck is kept down to a maximum of forty cards. This will also enable you to a better play because of less chance of drawing deck cards.

    Skill: 20/20
    Are you good at keeping field control? Are you able to counter almost about everything that stands in your way? If you're down, can you make a change in the duel to bring yourself back up? This will be looked over during the testing.

    Side Deck: 10/10
    Do you have a side deck? A deck with cards that you can swap with those cards in your deck to counter a specific deck you are up against.
    If you have one but do not use it 0/10
    If you do not have one 2/10
    If you have used it but never drew your cards 4/10
    If you sided and drew your cards but they didnt help you change the pace of the duel 7/10
    If you have sided and managed to slow down the tester. 10/10

    Misc Points:
    Attitude: 15/15
    Keep your comments to yourself unless you have something good to say that can help you on your test.

    https://testmoz.com/139481 score 2/5

    Final Possible Score: 63/66

    Skylight Guardian: 0-20
    Black Feather: 21-39
    Shining Blazer: 40-50
    Dragon Knight: 51-61

    Congratulations you made Dragon Knight dorm

    The Pharaoh Nysa
    The Pharaoh Nysa

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    Re: kassadin ziggs test results

    Post by The Pharaoh Nysa on Thu Apr 11, 2013 9:06 pm


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