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    Night of Light


    Nox Lucis

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    Night of Light

    Post by Nox Lucis on Thu Apr 18, 2013 7:36 pm

    Hello Everyone, I am Nox Lucis. I am here as a favor to a close friend of mine. I have recently gotten back into gaming so I thought I would try and see how a Yugioh Forum is ran and I must say the layout is quite nice, not mundane as other forums I used to frequent in the past. Thus to whoever created this layout I must say, you (all) are very talented and your creativity is quite astounding. Hmm well I hope to meet this person (or these people) as well as many other people.

    Well It seems I have to get tested I suppose. If it is all right with the ruling force of this forum I ask that I be placed in the lowest group if possible, I have never been one to be competitive, and taking tests is one of my weaknesses, and I am sure to fail either way.

    Hmm yup thats all I have to say I suppose. =D

    Kunoru, The Crimson God
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    Site Owner

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    Re: Night of Light

    Post by Kunoru, The Crimson God on Fri Apr 19, 2013 1:33 pm

    Welcome Noxis, you would like to talk with trishula Gale about the way the site looks Smile

    Anyways, I guess I can drop you to the bottom dorm, if that is what you really want? I hope you Enjoy your stay with us Smile

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