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    Medal Request Thread


    Medal Request Thread

    Post by Guest on Mon Feb 18, 2013 10:43 am

    I have added a new medals system to the forums. You may apply (here) with screenshots or other proof.

    Bellow are the criteria for the medals

    Getting Started
    Post an intro.

    Junior Member
    Have at least 30 posts.

    Veteran Member
    Have at least 100 posts.

    Forum Elite
    Have at least 200 posts.

    Forum Contributor
    Be voted as the top contributor in the forums.

    Abyss Keeper
    Gain the rank "Abyss Keeper".

    TDDA Staff
    Become a TDDA Staff.

    Dorm Head
    Become a Dorm Head.

    Dueling Knight
    Win a TDDA Tournament.

    One of the Best
    Be one of the top posters.

    Gain 10 or above likes.

    Gain 50 or more likes.

    Event Winner
    Win a TDDA Official Event (ANY).

    Soul Taker
    Voted as strictest staff of the year.

    Admin of the Year
    Voted as admin of the year.

    Member of the Year
    Voted as member of the year.

    Showcase Contributor
    Voted as Best Showcase Contributor of the year

    Topic Starter
    Start at least 20 topics.

    Topic Contributor
    Start at least 50 topics.

    Topic Wizard
    Start at least 100 topics.

    Trophy Case
    Be awarded at least 15 medals.

    Have fun ^_^.

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    Re: Medal Request Thread

    Post by Guest on Mon Mar 18, 2013 11:48 am

    Please refrain from posting messages such as "requesting medals" or "requesting all medals I can get"... Please specify what medals you would like.

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