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    From Heaven to Hell...I am The Broken Angel



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    From Heaven to Hell...I am The Broken Angel

    Post by xXBroken_AngelXx on Sat Mar 09, 2013 1:39 pm

    well im new to this acad. im pretty good i dueling, my DN acc is xX_Broken_Angel_Xx . its my 2nd acc cuz my 1st one got banned. i HATE going against & using really meta and unoriginal decks. all my decks are original and creative to my liking. Heres my decks
    1. Gem-Knights
    4.Rose Deck
    5. Raviel deck
    6.fortune ladies
    7.Gagaga zombies
    8. Chaos fairy/darklords

    Thats really it from a dueling stand point. talk to me in chat to get to know me more

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