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    Recruiting members, Testing member's and Keeping the law in chat's.

    Kunoru, The Crimson God
    Kunoru, The Crimson God
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    Recruiting members, Testing member's and Keeping the law in chat's.

    Post by Kunoru, The Crimson God on Sun Mar 03, 2013 11:16 pm

    I will start this off by introducing myself.
    I am Kunoru, CO-founder of the sleeping Guild Forum. nuff' said.

    Alright, starting with the first point.

    Recruiting IS a must for all members in TDDA. It is greatly appreciated by myself for all who make the effort required.

    the second subject.

    Testing members. If you decide to become a dueling dragon tester. YOU ARE required to show every day and take up all of the requests.

    And keeping the law in the chat. Honestly, I will not tolerate Anything explicit. Meaning personally, watch your tongue Gale!! well, thoughts into keys*

    What else was I going to put down, Oh yes.

    Essential member clean up. As the guild's Lord. I will be cleaning up all of the inactive members. Thus meaning more work in recruiting folks. It's a needless mess, bleh.

    Noticed how I was mentioning guild hrm? I've been watching Fairy tail lately. Growing interested with the guild system will help brighten this place up haha

    Anyways, Clean up time and recruiting Very Happy

    Thank you for your time..

    The Great Lord Kunoru!

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