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    How to use Stardust assault mode/Deck list

    meow kats
    meow kats
    Shining Blazer Dorm
    Shining Blazer Dorm

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    How to use Stardust assault mode/Deck list Empty How to use Stardust assault mode/Deck list

    Post by meow kats on Sat Mar 16, 2013 4:31 am

    Why, hello there. I see you've come to learn how to use a stardust assault mode deck. Well lets get started!

    Deck List

    2 Assualt beast
    3 Effect Veilers
    3 Flamevell firedogs
    3 Flamevell magicians
    2 Mystic Tomatoes
    3 Stardust Dragon/Assault mode
    1 Allure of darkness
    3 Assault teleport
    1 Book of moon
    1 Dark hole
    1 Heavy Storm
    2 Instant fusion
    1 Mind control
    1 Mystical space typhoon
    3 Rekindlings
    3 Assault mode Activate
    2 Bottomless Trapholes
    1 Dimensional Prison
    1 Mirror force
    1 Solemn judgemnent
    3 Starlight Road

    Extra Deck

    1 Darkfire dragon
    1 Mavelus
    1 Arcanite Magician
    1 Black rose dragon
    1 Chaos king archgfiend
    1 Colossal Fighter
    1 Red dragon archfiend
    3 Stardust Dragons
    2 Gaia knight, The force of earth
    1 Catastor
    2 Scrap dragons

    Alright. We are gonna go over how to use my variant of this deck, and why each card is important!


    Assault Beast- This card is only used for its effect. If you draw into this, simply discard it and get your assault mode activate

    Effect Veiler- Pretty much a staple in most decks. Very useful in many situations.

    Flamevell Firedog/Magician- Firedog and magician is a great combo for getting out stardust quick. Simply destroy your opponents monster with firedog and then use his effect to summon out magician. If you are able make sure you get a atk in with magician also. Then In M2 Synchro for Stardust.

    Mystic tomato- This monster is used to get out Summoner monk so you can get a lvl 4 out easily.


    Allure of darkness- Just to get some extra cards in case you don't have any plays.

    Assault teleport- This is an important card for when or if you draw stardust dragon/assault mode. Stardust dragon/assault mode

    Rekindling- Say you used your firedog and magician to get a stardust out. Then you draw into this. Well. 2 stardusts are better than 1!!


    Pretty much all the traps and some of the spells are staples. I don't feel that i have to explain there uses.

    Ok. How to actually use the deck. Well. Once you get stardust out, don't immediatly get Assault mode out. Wait until you can chain assault mode activate to when stardust may be destroyed. Once you get the Stardust assault mode out, its almost impossible to get over. With 3000 Atk its an amazing card. Just beat them down and negate the effects and you will easily win. Using this deck is pretty simple and fun. Hope i helped you understand this deck!! meow

    Princess DNJessy
    Princess DNJessy
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    How to use Stardust assault mode/Deck list Empty Re: How to use Stardust assault mode/Deck list

    Post by Princess DNJessy on Sat Mar 16, 2013 10:18 am

    Thank you for the idea....I think I might try it for myself!!

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